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The Practical Strategies for Infusion Curricula at Community Colleges
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  In order to improve community college instructors’ abilities to design curriculum that learners’ real world, both learners and instructors to have a better understanding of the local cultural, social, and natural environment, and to increase reflective thinking ability, we strongly recommend “infusion curriculum design” as a doorway to helping learners and instructors to understand their lifeworlds and themselves with a more critical and dynamic perspective. By comparing the similarities as well as differences between infusion and integrated curricula, and by taking infusion curricula from various community colleges into account, this paper explicates different types of curriculum infusion strategies. Furthermore, based on the logic of social constructivism, contextual learning, community of practice, and action science, with an emphasis on the fact that knowledge and skills are related to social contexts and related theories, we provide an in-depth and strong theoretical foundation for infusion curricula taught at community colleges, which suggest an important reference for the curriculum implementation in the future.

Hsu,M.H.(2008).The Practical Strategies for Infusion Curricula at Community Colleges. Contemporary Educational Research Quarterly, 16(3), 59-95.
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