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Ideally, curricula of community colleges in Taiwan would have been divided into three parts: academic courses, group activity courses and living skill courses, and the main goal of the curricula are modern citizens cultivating. According to this discourse, the key element to cultivate modern citizens is connecting three parts of the curricula with each other. First, we should create a relationship built on an understanding of mutual respect, caring, and concerns to assist one another, and to enhance learners' self-confidence and feelings of security and trust through living skill courses. Second, we should help learners to be acquainted with both justice and multicultural principles through the academic courses. Through the understanding that some conflicts of values are unavoidable in pluralistic society, learners may extend their empathy to those beyond their kinship circle. Finally, through group activity courses, the learners may have opportunities to polish their problem solving skills, to care for about others with different backgrounds, and thus to strengthen their community ties with caring and justice.

Hsu,M.H.(2009).An Investigation of the Connected Principles of Curriculum Planning in Community Colleges for Cultivating Modern Citizens. Contemporary Educational Research Quarterly, 17(2), 71-101.
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