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In this paper we introduce and review the US National Teacher andPrincipal Survey (NTPS) as a valued resource for teacher and principalstudies. The introduction covers NTPS’s original format and historicaldevelopment as the Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS) and its redesignand new format. The review examines and discusses how the SASS datahave been utilized for educational research and policy analysis. We finallydiscuss the implications for other education systems.

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Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln ; Ph.D. Candidate, Western Michigan University ; Professor, Western Michigan University
Xia, J. G., Gao, X. Y., & Shen, J. P.(2015). U.S. “National Teacher and Principal Survey” as a valued resource for teacher and principal studies. Contemporary Educational Research Quarterly, 23(4), 63-91.
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