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With the influence of neoliberalism, governments worldwide have begun to emphasize the performance and
responsibilities of universities in research funding. This has led to the creation of performance-based research funding
systems in 14 countries and regions as of 2010. The oldest and most representative example is that in the United
Kingdom. The UK government famously employsa dual support system to distribute its higher education research funds
and safeguard the stability and development of research activities. Similarly, higher education research funding in Taiwan
is provided by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology and is performance-based. Although
this research funding system has enhanced the research capacity in Taiwan, it has also attracted controversy regarding
its rationality. The operations and reform of the UK higher education research funding system have received attention
and been replicated by other countries. Therefore, this study referenced the history of research funding in the United
Kingdom to enhance research funding policies in Taiwan.
Documentary research was conducted to organize and analyze the documentary records, statistical data, and reports
issued by UK governmental units.
1. The functions and roles of the government must be clarified to ensure the autonomy of university research. 2. The
government must enable universities to develop more diverse financial resource to fulfill the financial requirements
for outstanding research development. 3. The government must assist universities in paying the indirect costs of
research activities to safeguard the sustainable development of these research activities and the cultivation of talent.
4. The transparency and normativity of research funding must be improved to strengthen the supervision of civil society.
5. An effectiveness evaluation and feedback system must be established for research funding distribution, and priorities
for fund usage must be reconsidered. 6. The concentration of research funds is only a short-term approach; a more
macroscopic plan is required for the long-term development of research funding.
No previous studies have investigated the dual support system and performance-based research funding system in the
United Kingdom and proposed suggestions to resolve the problems associated with higher education research funding in
Taiwan. This study further clarified the distribution mechanism in the United Kingdom and provides a reference for
strengthening related policy making in Taiwan.




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Associate Research Fellow, Research Center for Education System and Policy, National Academy for Educational Research; Professor, Graduate Institute of Educational Policy and Leadership, Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Liu, H.-H., & Chan, Y. (2017). Research Funding Allocation Mechanism in Higher Education in the United Kingdom and Its Implications for Taiwan. Contemporary Educational Research Quarterly, 25(2), 77-112.