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Currently, researchers use mostly commercial software to analyzeeducational data. Researchers who do not have access to thesecommercial software can not easily replicate results others havereported in publications. Consequently, computational findings oftendo not cumulate reliably to offer valid guidelines for educationalpolicy making.This paper demonstrates how to use the free, open-source Rcomputing environment (R Core Team, 2015) to manage and analyzeinternational large-scale educational assessment data. The example iscomprised of mathematics achievement and covariates for 15-yearoldstudents from 15 countries, including Taiwan (PISA 2012). Inparticular, the “intsvy” package developed by Caro and Biecek (2014)is applied to manage the data and the “maptools” package (Bivand &Lewin-Koh, 2015) is used to link numerical summaries togeographical boundaries of countries examined in the illustration. Rcode to perform analysis of data from PISA detailed in the paper isprovided to facilitate reproducibility

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Doctoral Student, Institute of Education, National Cheng Kung University ; Professor, Institute of Education, National Cheng Kung University
Chi, F.-A., & Sheu, C.-F.(2015). Using R to analyze international large-scale educational assessment data. Contemporary Educational Research Quarterly, 23(4), 121-153.
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